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There are three main mindsets that you need to throw away in order to unlock your business genius today!

(1)  It's too late to start a business

Often times we think that we've missed the business flight and  it's too late in the game to start a business or reinvent our current one. That is a lie from the pit of hell! We can't relapse time and press the do over button but we can begin today, right now! Take a leap of faith and catch the second business flight to start your business and serve people your gifts and talents. There are lives to be changed and money to make.

(2)  I'm not "traditionally qualified" to give advice

Life's experiences qualifies you! Did you survive a broken marriage? Did you escape death a couple times and lived to tell your story? Can you create something out of nothing? oh yeah, folks want to know "HOW DID YOU DO IT"! Your story and examples of how it was done is content for business, classes, workshops etc. You see, you can't let a man made system disqualify you from your own worth.

(3)  I don't have enough followers

Don't get it twisted! Your number of followers don't equate to the quality of your content. Sometimes numbers don't add up. When you serve your audience the meat and potatoes of what they need, then you'll gain  LOYAL FOLLOWERS. Loyal followers will invest in you, trust you, like you and build a relationship with you. Numbers fade but loyalty remains. Keep producing quality content and your loyal followers will come.

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