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Nora Jay

Meet Aris! Sheʼs the owner of “Aris Beauty Bar” in West Chester, Oh on Tylersville Rd. I met Aris at a mutual friends birthday party. I introduced myself with a business woman hand shake and gave her my business card. I started a conversation with Aris regarding her Beauty Bar. It went like this....

Me: “I heard that you have a fabulous Beauty Bar”

Aris: “Yes, I do. Its located in the West Chester Area”

Me: “ Oh awesome! Iʼm the owner of Nora Jay Collection Jewelry Line and I want to link up with you to show you my collection pieces”

Aris: “Ok, great. You can come to my Beauty Bar at anytime. Just let me know ahead of time”.

Me: “I will definitely be in touch very soon”

Aris: “It was nice meeting you”

Me: “Likewise”

Women in business always have to think about sales and growing their clientele. There isnʼt a proper place or time to pitch your business to potential clients. You have to be ready and well versed when someone asks you “What do you do?” Never let opportunities pass you by because of fear or doubt when it comes to growing your business. Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity! Chose to be bold and yet gentle when youʼre pitching your business. Never pre-judge what a potential client might say. Go for it! Youʼll thank me later.

Aris Beauty Bar

One week after meeting Aris...

I followed up with Aris to set up an appointment on a Wednesday and ended up in her Beauty Bar the next day! Women who are serious donʼt waste any time. I arrived at her Beauty Bar and was blown away by the chic decor. Sweet and elegant is how I would describe the atmosphere inside of her Beauty Bar. She greeted me with a big welcoming smile and asked me where I wanted to set up. I chose the back area with a wall to wall mirror. Which was a perfect spot. To say the least, I was a bit nervous but yet I proceeded to display my Silver, Gold and Platinum Wholesale packages to her. She was very impressed with my jewelry and how I displayed my collection.

Nora Jay Collection Now at Aris Beauty Bar!

Within a span of fifteen minutes, Aris quickly decided on what package she wanted to purchase and the deal was made! Now Iʼm proud to say that Nora Jay Collection is featured at “Aris Beauty Bar”!!! Sheʼs one of my favorite retailers for my brand! XO, Aris.

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