Nora Jay

I woke up at 7am feeling refreshed and ready to execute my goals. I was extremely excited about my Blog post photo shoot that I strategically planned.  I literally checked the weather for Saturday, visualized my hair being curled to the side and wearing minimal stilettos.  I even had the background location written down in my journal with the words "Pretty Scenery" highlighted next to it.  

Getting ready and checking off my to do list made me realize that being intentional about your brand creates excellent posture.  Your beliefs, attitudes and impressions about your business can be conveyed as influential or insignificant.  

Branding posture is about the confidence you have in your brand.  You'll know when you've reached your audience when they develop and embody like-minded sentiments towards your brand that you passionately display.  After all, you want your consumer to experience your brand and become an extended ambassador of what you wholeheartedly believe in.  


Hey friends,

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Nora Jay