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As the time grew near to hold my position as a bachelorette in a fundraiser auction for Brain Aneurysm awareness, I began to get nervous.  I said Yes, to the invite and thought about my answer later.  In the span of a few days I wanted to e-mail Charm Consulting back and gracefully bow out while I could. Instead I kept my word and showed up.  I was the first bachelorette to arrive at Privilege. I was feeling out the room, visualizing how the evening would go.  I grabbed a seat and waited approximately 10 minutes until other participants started trickling in.  A quarter till 8pm all the bachelorettes were given a glass of wine of their choice, decadent strawberries and their anticipated number.   

One of the owners of Charm Consulting stood at the opening of our Reserved white  semi-circular sofa area.  We all stared at her mouth while she called out our names and numbers.  Nora, your Number 5.  I’m thinking, “cool” that’s a good number for me.  I get to see how these other beautiful ladies walk before its my turn to go.  I kid you not, Five minutes passed and she changes the order of numbers.  Nora, you are now Number 1.  I had my wine in my hand and sipped it one more time in pure nervousness.  She politely explained to me that there were men already bidding on me before the event started! Your Number 1, Nora.  At this point I’m shocked.  I told myself that I can do this. Walk confidently and smile.  I did exactly that.  I chose the song “Gold by Kiiara” to walk out to.  My song came on and It was show time! Nora, Look, smile, pose, stop, keep walking was what I was saying to myself. 

 Finally I got to the stage and what seemed like an hour was only a couple of minutes.  Lights were blinding me from seeing the bidders and all i could do was smile.  I hear the auctioneers going up and up on the bids. “250, can I get a 250”!?  All of a sudden I hear $300 out no where.  Nora JAY for $300, sold”!!  While i was walking down the steps halfway still blinded by the light, I heard someone say,“Girl, you set the bar high!”  I walked back to the reserved seating and gave the girls a football low high five. THE LESSON BEHIND IT ALL  ...  When you step out on faith you will be positioned to the number one spot!  Although you are complacent ,God has a better position for you.  He has people and opportunities waiting for you to show up!  If you don’t show up those opportunities will pass you by.  You’re worth the HIGHEST Bid! Remember , God already paid the highest price for you! XO, Nora Jay 

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